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Patent Application Requirements


Practice Notes

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Task Codes

[FD] = Filing Date

[GD] = Grant Date

[RD] = Renewal Date

[Task Code] = Triggered Action or Task

/D/ = Day Duration

/M/ = Month Duration

/Y/ = Year Duration


[FD]3/M/ is a due date calculated 3 months from the Filing Date

[Office Action]2/M/ is a due date calculated 3 months from the Office Action date.

Docket Tasks

Task Name Base Date Due Date Extensions/Grace
Angola Patent Task 1/1/01 2/2/02/ 3/3/03
Angola Patent Task #2 1/1/1 2//2/2 3/3/3
The wikipage input value is empty (e.g. SomeProperty::, [[]]) and therefore it cannot be used as a name or as part of a query condition.

Patent Oaths or Declarations

Patent Assignments

Patent Application Corrections

Patent Request for Examination

Patent Office Actions

Patent Continued Examination

Patent Appeals

Patent Notice of Allowance

Patent Issue Fees

Patent Divisionals

Patent Reissue

Patent Reexamination

Patent Term Extensions

Designs Application Requirements

Designs Oaths or Declarations

Designs Assignments

Designs Application Corrections

Designs Request for Examination

Designs Office Actions

Designs Continued Examination

Designs Appeals

Designs Notice of Allowance

Designs Issue Fees

Designs Divisionals

Designs Reissue

Designs Reexamination

Designs Term Extensions

Trademark Application Requirements

Trademark Ownership

Trademark Application Corrections

Trademark Office Actions

Trademark Office Actions

Trademark Appeals

Trademark Oppositions

Trademark Notice of Allowance

Trademark Issue Fees

Trademark Issue Fees

Trademark Statement of Use

Trademark Divisionals

Trademark Change of Ownership

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